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Raveneye: testing sound Sept 4, 2020 10:24:06 GMT -6
Nessa Arandur: May 4, 2020 2:44:58 GMT -6
dreamsofthemist: No clue. I might have missed it. Mar 29, 2020 0:44:02 GMT -6
Nessa Arandur: I thought there was a whole discussion on there about Remnants of Ash replacing LF, but people on there keep asking what it is! Mar 29, 2020 0:29:46 GMT -6
Nessa Arandur: Does anyone on here use the Legendfire Facebook forum? Mar 29, 2020 0:29:13 GMT -6
greywolf: I am sorry for the delay in replying Shawna - I have been busy preparing to head back to university - and yes, it is a new username, since I forgot my LF one >_< Feb 3, 2020 21:19:58 GMT -6
schaefer11235: Also, a game? Sounds interesting. Nov 30, 2019 18:33:00 GMT -6
schaefer11235: Congrats greywolf!! Same username as before or did you have a different one? Nov 30, 2019 18:32:45 GMT -6
bilance: A whisper of a game has been passed through the wind. Will you answer it's call? Nov 30, 2019 0:15:32 GMT -6
greywolf: Hello there Shawna :) I am doing well - I'm currently working on planning my final assignment for my creative writing degree Nov 21, 2019 15:01:12 GMT -6
schaefer11235: Hey yall. Hows everyone doing? Nov 21, 2019 7:19:37 GMT -6
Brilyana: *pokes head in and looks around* Yeah...I could write here... Nov 11, 2019 20:22:46 GMT -6
greywolf: *wanders into Ash and looks around at my new surroundings* it feels like home :) Nov 9, 2019 14:39:06 GMT -6
bilance: Yeaaa Oct 5, 2019 20:25:32 GMT -6
Nessa Arandur: soooo, I'm considering another RPG soon. We may be silent, but we're still writing! :) Oct 4, 2019 22:04:08 GMT -6
bilance: nope I still pop in from time to time May 14, 2019 8:55:21 GMT -6
Tglassy: The small town of Ash, a haven for refugees from the fall of a great city of legend, Is now empty of the life that had briefly touched it when those refugees first appeared. Mar 22, 2019 15:49:58 GMT -6
Tglassy: Wind blows through the abandoned doors, tumbleweeds roll across the deserted roads as vines begin their creep up the walls of what used to be a bustling town square. Mar 22, 2019 15:48:35 GMT -6
Raveneye: Whoa. Forgot to check in recently. Jan 29, 2019 9:10:58 GMT -6
beesauce: the ones that paralyze. i had an accident. Sprained neck, pinched nerve. Lost feeling in my legs. Nightmare's IRL Dec 10, 2018 14:39:07 GMT -6